Saturday, April 28, 2007

Greyhound still missing in Gadsden Alabama

After a tragic accident in Gadsden, Alabama Friday morning, several greyhounds escaped their crates. Early Friday morning, a driver transporting 38 greyhounds across Alabama lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the median on Interstate 59 South. Of the 38 dogs being transported, several escaped from the overturned vehicle. Unfortunately, 4 of those dogs ran into traffic and were killed instantly. Two more dogs died from wounds received as a result of the accident, totaling six dead.

An additional 5 greyhounds left the scene, 2 were recovered in good health yesterday, and two more were recovered today. We are still looking for one brindle female that is assumed to be running free in the area of Interstate 59 around mile marker 81.
Due to the conditions of the bodies of those killed, the grey still running loose could be one of the following:

WJS Spellbound - a brindle female with a white chest (answers to "Saddles")
[ tattoos 112d 15961 ]

Coal Camp Ditty - a dark brindle female (answers to "Debbie")
[ tattoos 55c 32439 ]

Anyone wanting to help search or if they find a dog should call Jeff Barber 256-312-1085

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