Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Saturday Oct. 6 - Summerwind Farm, Newnan Georgia

Fun for the whole family, this year Greyfest will feature games such as these for the hounds:

Bobbing for Weenies - who can bob for the most hot dogs?

Blur of Fur - see your hound run at record speed

Greyhound Bingo - will your square be "the one" that receives the precious deposit?

Pawdicures - give your hound the works with nail clipping, filing, and ear cleaning

Pupography - great fun and festival carnival photos for the whole family

Paw Painting - you've probably got a Claude "Bonet" at the end of that leash

Paw Reading - see what lies in your hounds future, look for Madame Zumi around the grounds

And these for the kids:

Bandana Game - select a bandana and win a prize

How Many? - guess how many treats are in the jar

Bobbing Ducks - pick the marked ducky and win a prize

Suckers - pick the sucker and win a prize

More info at the website here

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greylover said...

Greyfest was a good time for all. I have never seen soooooo many greys in all my life. It was amazing to be able to see all the colors of greys in one place. The locations was a huge horse farm, which was straight out of a storybook. On both sides of the long driveway were white fences running on top of rolling grassy hills and a pond with beautiful horses. As you approached the top of the largest hill, there were stables that were painted a country gray with white trim. Now that you get the picture, think about going behind the stables and there were greyhounds as far as you could see, of every color that you could dream. It was from a storybook. And to top the day, Dude won the "funniest ears" contest and brought home a new squeaky toy. The greys that attended slept for a couple of days following the event, they were exhausted. It was a full day for everyone.