Monday, September 10, 2007

Reverse “Back” Sneezing

What is that you ask? It is: a greyhound that you have had less than 36 hours struggling to breathe, an asthma attack, at 2:30am. You jump straight up in the bed while trying to flip on the light and find the greyhound (remember the 36 hours part above) trying to breath and realize that you know absolutely nothing about this hound. The greyhound is standing there, head down and chest moving rapidly struggling to breathe. You try to gain your composure and figure this out. After all, you are an experienced greyhound owner, right?

The only thing that you remember is putting FrontLine on the greyhound at 10:30pm and you start thinking….OH MY GOD, I HAVE KILLED THE DOG because she is having an allergic reaction to the flea medication!! You rush to call the emergency vet and when the voice on the end of the phone asked for name of business, you act like it’s a human, IMAGINE THAT…., and you scream DOG EMERGENCY in the phone. The recorded voice tells you, “We do not have that listing, please call back later”.

You realize you are out of control and the dog is still heaving trying to decide whether she wants to breathe or puke. You need to make a rational decision, take the dog that you poisoned to the emergency clinic since you cannot call them (remember from above)!!

I grab the leash, run out to the car and away we go to the emergency clinic. When we get there, the dog has stopped all this nonsense and you walk in, the greyhound eyes the clinic cat and you know you are in for a time. Remember, it is now almost 3:00am, you are not sure what you are wearing and you have not brushed your hair.

After the information about the dog that you know nothing about is taken, you are seen by the vet and you are told……

"Some dogs sneeze out and some dogs sneeze in………"

"When they sneeze in they have post nasal drip in their throat…." NICE.

"And, they choke and need to cough it out…." even NICER, "but after that, they are fine."

Therefore, your dog has allergies………why does the dog have allergies at 2:30am, she has had all day to have allergies!

And the diagnosis is: Reverse Sneezing

The emergency vet obviously saw my state of mind and told me she was not going to charge me for post nasal drip. MY HERO!

Only in my world....they (whoever they are) said the 2nd child is the worse. Remember child number 1 is Perfectly Fit, which barely breathes and never woke up during this whole ordeal nor got up when we got back from the emergency clinic.

-Kathy Wright

Non-Greyhound example of Reverse Sneezing

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Pat C said...

wow you are a good Mom, Kathy!
Mandy did this one Sunday morning, and I was running late for church! Susannah said, aren't you going to take her to the e-vet? and I said, Nope, she'll be ok. (fingers crossed)
And she was!
Sunday School teacher is a vet, and I asked him about those weird scary noises. He said same's reverse sneezing, and you can give your dog a couple of Benadryl capsules to make YOU feel better!! :p
That's a good youtube video of reverse sneezing. If I can remember, I'll video Mandy doing it, that way we'll have a greyhound example.