Friday, November 16, 2007

Greyhound Skin, Inside Looking Out

Have you ever wondered how you could be so stupid about something so simple? Have you ever put an innocent “person” into a situation they did not deserve? Have you ever been guilt ridden because you knew better than doing something you do and it caused harm to somebody? Well, a couple of days ago, I did all of the above…..

My pride and joy, Perfectly Fit Wright, was enjoying the effects of his new thyroid medication and instead of lying around, he was standing in the backyard hanging out with a few other greyhounds. Well, in the blink of an eye, my fur child had a gash in his side, due to what we know as “slashing”.

If all began very simple, the greyhounds knew each other, no need to muzzle. It was a small backyard that they played together in all the time, no need to muzzle. But, there was a reason to muzzle….they were more than 2 dogs present!! When dogs start playing (and it does no matter about the breed), they get competitive about what they want and the game is on for who will come out on top. There was a stuff toy involved and Fit was standing in the line of dogs chasing the toy and he was bumped as the pack passed and a tooth hit him in the side, hence 2 inch gash and $272 vet bill.

I say all this to say, it does not matter what breeds are around your greyhound. When play is involved, they are all aggressive because they are having a good time and not watching where they are running. Where the problem exists is other dogs do not have the same skin as a greyhound. A greyhounds’ skin is like a piece of tissue paper that you wrap around your Christmas gifts before putting in a box.

And then, the vet sutures the injury and the sutures tear the skin because the skin is so thin. My vet told me that she has sutured a greyhound 3 times before because the sutures tear the skin.

I say all this to say, please do not allow your greyhound around other dogs (greyhound or non greyhound) running off leash without EVERYONE being MUZZLED, due to the fact that ALL dogs have teeth and your greyhound has tissue skin. At romps, in backyards or wherever your greyhound is running freely with another pack of dogs, please request that ALL DOGS, no matter the size, age or breed, be muzzled.

-Kathy Wright

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