Sunday, June 22, 2008

New members from across the pond

We have a new member in the group, who has officially captured the title of 'Longest Distance Member', from Bob in California. Now if only we can get them to come to a romp? Morgan lives in Lincolnshire, UK , and has two greyhounds. While searching for a playgroup for her 2, she ran across a website in Birmingham Alabama, instead of Birmingham, England. It happens all the time, we just never get anyone to join after realizing the mistake. So we welcome our long-distance members to the group, Morgan and her two Bella and Charlie.
"Hi Don,

What is worse, is that I am an ex-pat American who used to live in

California! It should have dawned on me to check first, as I know there

are several similarly named places in the UK and US. I was

just so excited to find a greyhound playgroup, as there are none in my area.

Anyway, we will be honoured to be on your members list.

Here is a picture of Charlie ( aka Five Fold Flyer) Black and white male

and Bella ( Araghty Lucy) a fawn female. They are in their cold

weather gear, appropriately British in their waxed coats and snoods.

They are both rescues, and retired from racing. Biggest thing in their day is a cat-sighting.

Oh yes, and a obligatory "roaching" pic, in a world's first:

"Formation Roaching"!

Kind Regards


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sloppy Joe Picnic at Bob & Ruth's

Celebrate summer with us at the Sloppy Joe Picnic at Bob & Ruth's Friday June 13th 6-10PM Everyone is welcome, but please let Ruth know if you plan on coming so we can have enough food for everyone.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

DooDah Day 2008 - May 17th

This year we will be participating again in the parade, with a simpler float design, and showing off the greys rather than our mastery of float building and decorating. You are welcome to join us on the float, or marching behind. Entry fee for the float and all passengers is $20, each marcher/dog following the float is charged $5/head. For more details about the festival Click Here

Friday, April 18, 2008

Securing the field and your dogs at The Romp

Due to some incidents at romps and other outdoor activities in the past few weeks involving runaway greyhounds, I thought it might be a good idea to press a few instructions into the member's minds. You really should read the entire article, because if you own a greyhound, odds are this stuff is gonna happen to you too, so it would be good to have some ideas about what to do when that time comes - because it will !!

Security at the soccer field Romp

In times past we have always had plenty people showing up to a romp that had been there many times, knew the drill about checking fences, gates, letting dogs in and out, and all the gear needed for a romp. Now we have so many new members, that you can't be sure who all will show up, and who will be responsible for safety. Perhaps we should have some guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone's greyhound:
  1. The first 2 people arriving at the field should secure the fence before unleashing any dogs. If you are uncomfortable with this, ask the next folks to secure the fence, but do NOT unleash your dogs until they arrive.
  2. Gates #1 and #3 have broken latches, so you will have to sand-bag, or garbage-can gate #3 to prevent dogs from pushing them open

  3. Lash a bungie cord, or a leash around gate #1, and leave latch CLOSED on the inside at all times
  4. Make sure gate #2 (the double gate, usually chained, can be pushed open even when it is chained) is pulled tight to prevent dogs from squeezing out. They have before, and they will again if you are not careful.
  5. Make sure at least one person has a squawker, as prey driven animals DO NOT Respond to "come back sweetie". Besides, if you own a greyhound, you need to have a squawker, they are as important as a leash, and collar.
I am sure alot of this seems like common sense, but it is not. If you have better ideas about how to secure the fence please let us know. If you have a better place to romp, certainly let us know.

We all want you to come to the romps and let your dogs run, but we do want to avoid tragedy, and the stress of trying to run down 10 dogs that can quickly be out of your site.

Order your squawker(s) and muzzle here


Monday, February 25, 2008

Greyhounds are not Labrador Retrievers....

I found myself in dumbfound astonishment with my own actions today. I work across the street from a beautiful public park with long trails, deep woods, and a creek that all the dogs love to play in. One of my fellow employees and I decided to take our dogs to go play at the creek for lunch, it was really pretty outside today and it has been a while since we had been on an adventure with the furry kids.
Off we set; the two labs (Bingo and Narley), sweet little Rags, and my wonderful greyhound (Dan). We reached the creek in no time after pausing for a few great pictures in the sun and leaves. We crawled down the hill and in went Bingo and Narley diving off the bridge and splashing around in the creek. I led Dan down to the water and let him off his leash so the two rambunctious labs wouldn't get him tangled. Dan played around for a moment and then walked a little farther down. I quickly called him back and he came tail wagging. He playfully turned from me and took off in a little trot, I thought he was going to run a little way and turn and come back...he didn't.

Nose to the ground he was tracking something and he was well ahead of my friend and I. I called but he didn't come this time. Off he went, through the woods and he was gone. Fear instantly hit me as I started to remember all the warnings I had not heeded, all the horrific stories I had heard. Why, Why had I ignored my common sense? We tried to follow him but the woods were thick and the trails split. Greyhounds don't leave as large of foot prints as one might want when you are trying to decide which way they went. The woods opened into a large field, no Dan to be seen. My heart was pounding and my hands shaking as I kept calling as calmly as possible. He had his tattoos, his tag and collar, and his microchip, but the realization that all that didn't matter if he found the road before I could find him. I called my office with my cell and my friend went to get her car, I found myself frantic as that it had been twenty minutes since I had last seen Dan take off up the hill. I climbed through the woods and toward some dogs barking hoping Dan had gone to see who they were. With luck there were people there I told them of my missing boy and they said they would keep and eye out.

At this point it had been 45 minutes, I was about in tears because Dan could be long gone and here I am covering such a small portion of ground. I climbed one more hill and started calling again trying to choke back the tears because I realized this was MY fault and I couldn't yell as loud if I were crying. Then I looked up to see my BEAUTIFUL GREYHOUND! He was walking very slowly toward me, very obviously worn out. I don't know what he was tracking or if he found it, I do know he was overheated but otherwise unharmed! How lucky, luck is the only word for it. I grabbed him in a big hug and finally let myself break down.

All the obedience training and time we have spent together meant nothing today. I suddenly realized 'I have a hound'. Hounds have been bred for centuries to track and hunt prey independent of their handlers. That is their purpose, that is what is in their genes. My friend's labs on the other hand (whom are wonderfully behaved and during all this time were listening to every command) were bred to retrieve things, you know 'I throw it you bring it back'. They were bred to be dependent on their handlers to bring the prey back.

I (now feeling very stupid and greytful) have one: resolved to work harder on my recalls with Dan, two: will never ever try to kill my Grey again by letting him off leash in an unsecured area, and three: will be buying a squawker just in case I may ever need it. I know the squawker would have at least gotten his attention as he was ignoring my calls.

Please learn from my mistakes.
-Brittany Barner

Monday, February 11, 2008

Spring Get-Together - Superior Grill 6:30 Feb. 18

We had so much fun last time, we had to do it again. Just remember the restaurant does not allow greyhounds :)

Retired Racer, & Retired Blood Donor, now fully retired and needs a home

After her second career as a blood donor, Gypsy is now officially retired, and wants to spend her retirement warming your dog bed and your heart. She is a very healthy 10 year old, weighing in at a petite 64 lbs. More info

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Additional Saturday Romp - 12 noon's ON !!

Check out the video below from new members Chris and Christy - they have FOUR GREYHONDS- Bella, Mego, Naive, and Snoopy(one of Lira's pups. For romp schedules and more see Birmingham Greyhound Events