Friday, April 18, 2008

Securing the field and your dogs at The Romp

Due to some incidents at romps and other outdoor activities in the past few weeks involving runaway greyhounds, I thought it might be a good idea to press a few instructions into the member's minds. You really should read the entire article, because if you own a greyhound, odds are this stuff is gonna happen to you too, so it would be good to have some ideas about what to do when that time comes - because it will !!

Security at the soccer field Romp

In times past we have always had plenty people showing up to a romp that had been there many times, knew the drill about checking fences, gates, letting dogs in and out, and all the gear needed for a romp. Now we have so many new members, that you can't be sure who all will show up, and who will be responsible for safety. Perhaps we should have some guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone's greyhound:
  1. The first 2 people arriving at the field should secure the fence before unleashing any dogs. If you are uncomfortable with this, ask the next folks to secure the fence, but do NOT unleash your dogs until they arrive.
  2. Gates #1 and #3 have broken latches, so you will have to sand-bag, or garbage-can gate #3 to prevent dogs from pushing them open

  3. Lash a bungie cord, or a leash around gate #1, and leave latch CLOSED on the inside at all times
  4. Make sure gate #2 (the double gate, usually chained, can be pushed open even when it is chained) is pulled tight to prevent dogs from squeezing out. They have before, and they will again if you are not careful.
  5. Make sure at least one person has a squawker, as prey driven animals DO NOT Respond to "come back sweetie". Besides, if you own a greyhound, you need to have a squawker, they are as important as a leash, and collar.
I am sure alot of this seems like common sense, but it is not. If you have better ideas about how to secure the fence please let us know. If you have a better place to romp, certainly let us know.

We all want you to come to the romps and let your dogs run, but we do want to avoid tragedy, and the stress of trying to run down 10 dogs that can quickly be out of your site.

Order your squawker(s) and muzzle here


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Doug & Sheri FitzRandolph said...

Hello Don and all! Sounds like there are lots of new folks in the group. It must be wonderful to see all of the pups socializing. Still haven't found a group here in Ohio but we continue to look. Kelly has adapted to the winter much better than we have! We had a blizzard that dumped about 25 inches, and when she went outside she ran around in it and had a ball.

You're right about the potential for tragedy. I don't think I will ever get the images out of my mind that we saw in Gadsden on I65. Our pups just don't know how to handle complete freedom.

Please say hello to all who remember us and we wish you all the very best.

Doug & Sheri FitzRandolph