Sunday, June 22, 2008

New members from across the pond

We have a new member in the group, who has officially captured the title of 'Longest Distance Member', from Bob in California. Now if only we can get them to come to a romp? Morgan lives in Lincolnshire, UK , and has two greyhounds. While searching for a playgroup for her 2, she ran across a website in Birmingham Alabama, instead of Birmingham, England. It happens all the time, we just never get anyone to join after realizing the mistake. So we welcome our long-distance members to the group, Morgan and her two Bella and Charlie.
"Hi Don,

What is worse, is that I am an ex-pat American who used to live in

California! It should have dawned on me to check first, as I know there

are several similarly named places in the UK and US. I was

just so excited to find a greyhound playgroup, as there are none in my area.

Anyway, we will be honoured to be on your members list.

Here is a picture of Charlie ( aka Five Fold Flyer) Black and white male

and Bella ( Araghty Lucy) a fawn female. They are in their cold

weather gear, appropriately British in their waxed coats and snoods.

They are both rescues, and retired from racing. Biggest thing in their day is a cat-sighting.

Oh yes, and a obligatory "roaching" pic, in a world's first:

"Formation Roaching"!

Kind Regards


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